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Deal Radio is a completely new media experience. DR's Programs reflect the needs and interests of its audience, fundamentally DR is about radio of the community, for the community, by the community.

As a community station, DR will take advantage of the rise of internet, DAB, mobile communication and social media to improve content and reach even broader audiences. With music, chat, sport, news and debate DR has something for everyone.


Radio of the community, for the community, by the community

Deal Radio, DR needs you. Want to present? Want to produce? Need some promotion? Want to be interviewed? Got a story? Want to train in media? Then get in touch. DR wants the whole community to get involved in this great venture. Listen in, phone in, contribute, visit us, train with us, dance with us, sing with us, be with us.


Meet the people who make awesome stuff

An outlandish, magical, mystery ride with the UYC Crew. This double decker leaves East Kent every Thursday at 8pm along the way we pick up all the local talent, Music, comedy, sex and chocolate.

Marc Carey

The UYC Experience
Rock Roots

The Fab 60s show, a trip back to the best music decade of all time. Sunday mornings 9:00 - 11:00 GMT. Whether you were there or not a chance to hear what you missed (if you can remember the 60s you weren’t there!)

Chris Morgan

Remember When

Mark Cridaland

The Rock Out, hosted by Mark Cridland & John Head. Playing the best in new Rock, Metal & Punk plus Live Sessions & Interviews with unsigned bands. Every Monday night from 8pm

Mark Cridland

Programme Manager
The Rock Out
Living The Dream Live

Ryan Burt

A Radio Show that intertwines synth driven Electronica with Afrobeat, Latin, Jazz, Disco, Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern music plus much more.

Joey Mc Evoy

Diverse Frequencies

You are invited into the world of Dave the rave. Its Wacky and off the wall. Join in the fun and be carried on a musical journey with Soundbytes, Funbytes, and Dealbytes.

Dave The Rave

Andy Cousin

Andy Cousin and Lisa Jane Mires present the best Alternative/Indie/Goth radio show in the UK and beyond. Going out to the world with energy and passion. The Andy Cousin Show, live on every Wednesday 8-10pm

Andy Cousin

The Andy Cousin Show

Soundscape recordings of the everyday and the unusual in and around Deal. Listening to what's around us from another perspective. Stay warm!

Ian Roberts

Soundscape Recordings

Exploring the dark and light of life with chat and music, old, new and undiscovered. Plus.... Beer News

Jim Dawson

Into The Void

An eclectic tour of Film and TV Soundtracks.

Dave Augustin

Sound & Vision

Headz Up! A two hour show attempting to unite local musicians and music lovers alike. We will aim to get people talking and thinking about THEIR local and national music scene and how we can unite to improve it. Music generally on the "heavier" side, but we are always open to suggestions regarding the play list, but please remember that we go out pre-watershed! E-mail your requests, discussion points, or responses to discussion points to

John Head

Headz Up 'Listen Live' 8pm to 10pm UK * 3pm to 5pm East Coast USA * 12pm to 2pm West Coast USA * Every Friday. The Duncan Disorderly Show is a weekly magazine show featuring regular guests, covering all sorts of topics, music genres and local community news. Facebook - The Duncan Disorderly Show

Michelle Duncan

The Duncan Disorderly Show

Regular interviews with the stars appearing at The Astor Community Theatre, Deal

Richard Sirot

Richard's Roundup

The Fab 60s show, a trip back to the best music decade of all time. Sunday mornings 9:00 - 11:00 GMT. Whether you were there or not a chance to hear what you missed (if you can remember the 60s you weren’t there!)

Chris Morgan

Remember When

IN YER EARS, brings you the best in rock and blues, old and new proving there are no age barriers in music! Tuesday Nights from 8 to 10 only on Deal Radio

Neil Vessey


Sara has been involved in the arts for many years before picking up a camera. She now takes photos for many different people including Kent based bands. Her work has been published in local media and we are very excited to have her on-board as the Official Deal Radio Photographer.

Sara Cridland

Official Photographer
Social Media Manager

Neil Vessey

Folk Pilot

The Roxy Ronnie Show, Saturdays 9-11am. A great mix of sounds, Elvis through to Perry Como, Johnny Cash to Metallica. rock and roll, county, blues, swing and classic pop plus a bit of news and a bit of chatter.

Veronica King

Roxy Ronnie

Gwen Ever brings her life to the radio, in a show encompassing music, cabaret, movies and the arts as seen from her own experiences with guest performances, great interviews, new releases and a genre busting selection of top tunes and rarities, which combined with fab nightlife.

Gwen Ever

A Low Life In High Heels

'That Seventies Sound'explores the music of the 1970’s. The shows usually have a theme such as ‘Travel’ or ‘Food & Drink’. The shows also includes several ‘Music Based Features’. These include, TV Times – a much loved TV theme from the 70’s. Music Chain Quiz– Five questions about the music of the 70’s. The 12 Inch Disco Remix– A Disco favourite fully extended.

Dave Edwards

70's show

Deal Radio

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