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You can stay in touch with your friends and family, by sending us a request or dedication to play to and hear them on our new daily Midday Meetup show Monday to Friday At 12 noon or Saturdays from 11am

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The Fab 60s Show

Presented By Chris Morgan
Sun: 10AM - 12oM See on Facebook
Mixcloud Listen Back

Women Of Our Time

Presented By Rosie Wall
Sat: 5pm-6pm See on Facebook
Interviews, Music Listen Back

Remember When

Presented By Chris Morgan
Mon: 2PM - 4PM See on Facebook
Golden oldies Listen Back

The Meet Up

Deal Radio’s Meet Up , please email your requests or dedications to Tell us about your event, charity or anything else you have going on for our special 11am – 1pm every Saturday with our cast of rotating presenters! If you can’t listen live, you can always catch up on our Mixcloud. Email.

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Thank you to Deal Town Council and Dover District Council

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