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You can stay in touch with your friends and family, by sending us a request or dedication to play to and hear them on our new daily Midday Meetup show Monday to Friday At 12 noon or Saturdays from 11am

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Deal Radio, Aimee von G

Sound Surgery

Presented By Aimee von G
Coming Friday May 1st at 1am See on Facebook
Ambient / Electronic Listen Back
Deal Radio, Move - Dance Show


Presented By Martin Stedman
Starting Friday May 1st at 9pm See on Facebook
House, Dance Listen Back

Not Going Out

Presented By Mickey Jay
Starting Saturday May 2nd 10pm - Midnight See on Facebook
Dance Listen back

The Meet Up Show

Deal Radio is here to help during self-isolation and social distancing during this time. The daily meet up show is your chance to send in dedications, news, updates and requests, keeping everyone connected. Catch it WEEKDAYS 12PM – 1PM and SATURDAYS 11AM – 1PM. If you have any dedications or requests please email and head over to our Meet Up Lounge on Facebook. See on Facebook

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Thank you to Deal Town Council and Dover District Council

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