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Goodwin Sands Radiogram

Goodwin Sands Radiogram is an award-winning series of 30 minute podcasts about the lives of people in the south east corner of England. Part ethnography and part radio art experiment, it was conceived in August 2014 and began broadcasting on 25th January 2016.

Deal Radio are delighted to be broadcasting the entire series over the next few weeks.

Ben Horner: Creator, writer & producer

PictureBen Horner is a sound artist, musician, producer and general audio fiddler from Deal in Kent. He holds a BA in sound art/music tech, an MA in digital media and is currently studying for a PhD in podcast features. Ben has been creating audio documentary works since 2008 and also plays live as a percussionist and laptop musician in all sorts of avant-garde joyfulness. His website is here. He conceived the Goodwin Sands Radiogram after ongoing exposure to a raft of US podcasts whilst working in people’s gardens. The project is his answer to the brilliant creativity of podcast broadcasters and producers like Nick Van Der Kolk, Brendan Baker and Jad Abumrad.

Peter Kelly: Announcer

Peter Kelly

A relic of 1950s Soho, Peter Kelly had a short career as a stage and television actor in his early twenties before seeking safety in marketing, eventually founding his own small creative agency, for which he also wrote and produced/directed audio and video programmes. He now lives in Deal, where he performs in poetry readings and in 2014 returned to the stage for the first time in over 50 years, to work with the Astor Theatre’s Youth and Community Theatre Project, for whom he appeared as Jacques in the July 2016 Deal Festival production of As You Like It.

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