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Heritage of Soul

Nigel’s love of soul music started in the late 1960’s when he discovered mail order record companies and could buy mystery bundles of 45’s. In there would be anything from awful dross pop to fantastic soul rarities and his love of the latter grew from then and still continues today.

The Heritage of soul show includes UK soul chart hits but also tracks from the early roots of jazz/blues/soul crossover, gospel, RNR/rockabilly, soul via the iconic labels – including Atlantic, Chess, Tamla, Stax etc. from the 50’s onwards and up to more recent releases.

The only soul that he avoids is rapping as he leaves that to other DJ’s to play.

This is perhaps the only show on the radio to play the songs and the many founding artists that have long been forgotten but who hold great importance to the genre heritage and whilst also giving air time for newer soul songs.

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