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Roxy Ronnie

The Roxy Ronnie Show, Saturdays 9-10am. A great mix of sounds, Elvis through to Perry Como, Johnny Cash to Metallica. rock and roll, county, blues, swing and classic pop plus a bit of news and a bit of chatter.

Hi! My name is Veronica aka Roxy Ronnie.

Until joining Deal Radio I had never set foot in a radio station and would have run a mile at the thought of working the equipment necessary to produce and broadcast a radio show.

But at the age of 70 I got stuck in and have for over two years now had my own radio show. Two hours of sheer fun on a Saturday morning from 9 – 11am.

I love a range of sounds, Rock and Roll, country, blues, swing, smooth and classic pop. I have a particular penchant for David Essex, Elvis and Neil Diamond!

I have learnt a lot since joining Deal Radio and have grown in confidence, to the extent that I now do talks on my professional life.

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